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Avail additional 6 months warranty when
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Who needs Rent to Own?


The Wary Buyer

But hey, how can one be sure about the quality of a second hand or unboxed appliance? By renting it before buying, of course! Ain’t that great?

rent furniture

The Deal Hunter

Who wants to spend a gazillion bucks buying an average second hand furniture from the street when you can rent an unboxed piece to try it out and buy it later at a fraction of it’s MRP.

love what you rent

The Love-Struck Renter

Customers who’re in love with what they’re renting and wants to keep them forever! Best opportunity ever for them to buy what they love!

So, how does it work?

rent furniture


Rent what you like!

Meet Ms. Tina. She rents an awesome recliner from us and she loves it so much now that she wants the recliner to be a permanent part of her life.


Love what you rent? Own it.

So, what does Tina do? Simple, she logs on to and buys it from us! And just like that, in a few clicks, Tina is united with the recliner forever!.

furniture for rent
furniture in rent


Tension free with 6 months warranty!

Tina even gets a 6 months warranty on her favourite recliner from Guarented.

Ever seen warranty on any second-hand furniture or appliances? Yep, repairs within 72 hrs and replacement if the product can’t be repaired!
furniture vendor
All our unboxed brand new furniture and appliances are procured from top e-commerce portals. Our second hand products are sourced from trusted second hand dealers and undergo an extensive refurbishing process.
Quality checked
We refurbish using industry grade soap-oils, sterilisers and equipment. Our very picky quality managers then do a 20 step QC to ensure that only the very best products go through to our customers.
Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Rent To Own?

Wish to own the appliance or furniture that you have been renting with us? Now you will have the option to do so. Instead of purchasing second hand products from vendors that you don’t trust you can now rent an appliance or furniture from us and purchase it if you feel it’s the right product for you. Don’t worry if you can’t make your decision early on, the longer you rent with us the lesser the purchase price becomes.

2. How does "Rent to Own" work?

In your “My Orders” page you will find a purchase price for every item that you have rented. Click on the button and you will be able to view the final price that you have to pay to own the product after adjusting for any security payments that you may have already made before.

3. Why "Rent to Own"?

With rent to own you get additional flexibility. If you know for sure that you are sticking to your current location for a long time then it makes more sense for you to own the products. With “Rent to Own” you can now get the best of both worlds. It is as affordable, safe and flexible as renting.

4. What does the purchase price depend upon?

Purchase price mainly depends on the condition and nature of the product. Also for every rent you pay we give you a benefit against the purchase price. This way the new purchase price after every rent payment is lower than the previous one. It is very similar to pre-paying on your loan payment.

5. Do you provide any warranty on the purchased items?

Yes, we provide a warranty of six months. Even after the warranty period is over you can continue to enjoy our maintenance and service facilities by paying a small fee.

6. Can I purchase the product upfront without renting them?

As of now this feature is not available. If you still wish to do so please write to us at

7. Do I get to see the exact products that I am going to get?

In case of furniture you will get what you see on the website. In case of appliances the actual products that you receive might be different from the images in the website. After placing your order our customer care executives will get in touch with you with the list of available options and you can chose your most preferred option among them.

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