Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do you guys provide service?

We currently conduct business all over Bangalore. Post placing the order, our customer service team will get in contact with you to confirm delivery address.

2. So what’s the delivery fee?

Well, we very, very rarely charge a delivery fee. For almost all our orders, the delivery charge is zero. However,if lift is not there and the house is on not on ground floor then lifting charges of Rs. 200 will be applicable.

3. Will I be able to choose the time of delivery?

We’re quite an accommodating bunch. Soon after you place an order with us, our support staff should contact you to enquire about delivery timings. Should you have a preference, you can communicate the same to them to see if it can be arranged.

4. When can I expect delivery of the awesome products I ordered?

Very soon. Within 72 hours to be precise. Unless you choose a different delivery slot that is outside the 72-hr margin. However, should there be unexpected delays and holdups, you will be informed about it as soon as it comes up. But rest assured, that rarely happens.

5. I need to change the delivery timings. Is it possible to reschedule?

We would appreciate if any plans to reschedule are communicated with us at the earliest. You can get in touch with our support team at 096-06104444.

7. Should I grab some tools and install the products myself?

Kindly do not do that. We provide installation free of cost. In fact our delivery executives are trained in the art of product installation so that everything is all the more convenient for our customers. We request all customers to refrain from attempting to install the products yourself. Should the product sustain any damage from incorrect installation, the customer will be liable to pay for it.

8. What if I dislike the product at the time of delivery?

We’re sorry to hear this. Please let us know what when wrong so that we can try to fix it for you. However, we have a 24 hour no-questions-asked return policy which allows you to return the product to us within 24 hours of delivery without citing a reason. The caution deposit or other payments you made against that order will be duly refunded to you as per our policies. You can either opt to return the order to us or let us know if there’s a way that we can provide an alternative.

9. I changed my mind after I placed an order. How do I cancel?

Boo-hoo. What happened? Should you wish to cancel an existing order, simply call us up at 096-06104444 or email us at like a friend and say “Cancel kar de bhai” and we’ll do it for you.

10. What are the brands that are available with you?

We stock different high end brands across different categories. Do go through our catalog to see what we stock. However, we may not be able to promise that we’ll provide you with a certain brand alone as they may be subject to availability. If you wish to order a specific brand, you can ask the support team to find out if they can arrange that for you.

11. Can I place an order for a specific brand?

Again, such things cannot be guaranteed always. However, if you prefer a specific brand, you can make a request for the same. That said, all products we give out are tested rigorously to ensure quality, so the brand as such will barely make a difference in the performance of the product. Plus, the repair and maintenance service is on us. You have almost nothing to worry about!

12. Will I get to rent brand new appliances and furniture products?

You may. However, keep in mind that most of our products are sanitized and extensively refurbished goods that can rival the quality of brand new ones. While we can give you some guarantee on quality, we can’t always ensure that a new product will be given to you. We do stock new, unboxed and unused items as well. Get in touch with customer support for additional details on the quality and age of the product you ordered.

13.What documents should I present at the time of placing an order?

Once the order is received, you need to proceed with a CRIF verification. This is an automated method that captures your credit details from your PAN. It will also help you avoid the hassles of submitting multiple documents. If your CRIF score is satisfactory, you are required to submit the following three documents to take things further -.

PAN Card (Mandatory)
Selfie taken at the time of placing the order
Rental Agreement of address cited or Contact number of landlord and Utility bill with cited address.

However, if the automatic verification fails due to low score or if the verification is not an option, the next course of action will be for you to submit the following documents manually.

Last three payslips & bank statements to state proof of income.
PAN Card (Mandatory)
Rental Agreement of address cited or Contact number of landlord and Postpaid Bill/Electricity or Water Bill/Broadband Bill/ Gas Bill in your landlord’s name.
For self owned property, kindly supply utility bills in your name citing the address.
A selfie taken while placing the order.

Kindly note: We do not entertain orders from students.