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5 Things In an Apartment That Must be Inspected
Guarented January 9, 2024
Blog Post


Bangalore as a city to live in has become everyone's favourite destination in the last couple of decades. The surplus of jobs, the city's status as an IT hub, cuisines of all kinds available in plenty are some of the factors that have been attracting people from within the country and afar to make this city their home.  Renting homes and apartments is one of the first things people do in Bangalore. Whether coming to the city because of a change in job, family obligations or new opportunities, everyone looks for the best place to live. Searching for rental places can be tedious and time-consuming, and ever so often you come across a place that may be too good to be true. Before you go all out and get carried away with the place and handover that deposit amount, here are 5 things in the apartment or home you need to inspect.


Security is an essential component today of the place you intend living in. With the growing amount of crime, migration of people from other parts of the country, having good security manning your apartment or gated community in Bangalore is important. It is essential to check the background of security personnel and any CCTV or other security features the apartment may have.


Homes that you are moving into must be clean, with a fresh coat of paint if possible. Any visible signs of neglect, peeling paints, mould on walls, trash in corridors and walkways are a warning that such matters are not well looked into. This could aggravate once you start living in the apartment. Cleanliness might seem like a small problem but can become very serious once you move into a new apartment or home.


Water is the lifeline of homes and its availability is one thing you can never ignore. Rather than taking the homeowners' word for it, ask around in the other apartments to find out water status, how often it is sent, any problem with leakages, state of faucets and valves. Check whether water is flowing in the apartment and flush the toilet too. It is often this problem that can make living in rented homes difficult.


Apartments with elevators or lifts have to have a functioning one. Always check to see if they are working, any snags, broken doors or harmful grills are present. This is especially important if children are moving in too. Tall apartments and those with several levels must have an elevator mandatorily, or it can become very difficult for the elderly.


If you're moving into a semi-furnished or fully furnished home, always check for whether the appliances and furniture are in good condition and functioning well. Fridges and washing machines are delicate and deteriorate with age. Their age must be checked and any repairs must be asked for before moving in. You will have to pay from your pocket if any repairs are undertaken after you move into the home. For those of you moving into an unfurnished apartment or home, renting out furniture and appliances is a great option. Not only will you enjoy the feel of home without spending much, but will get to use new products by Guarented for years and have it repaired too at no additional cost.