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Guarented Upgrades The Modus Operandi To
Fight The COVID Pandemic

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic and regulations put forward by WHO to help curb it, Guarented has made major changes in its operations to ensure the safety of our staff and customers. The following are the steps taken by our company to ensure a hygienic environment inside our premises and during the transportation of our products.

For Admitting Staff Visitors in the office premises:

Strict checking at entry points to ensure that staff/visitors are wearing face masks, gloves, and other appropriate protective clothing.

Disinfectants are sprayed via an air curtain over individuals before admitting the staff into our premises.

Contactless hand sanitizer dispensers have been installed across our premises and the staff is encouraged to sanitize their hands while entering and leaving the building.

Period reminders are provided to ensure that everyone within the building washes their hands with soap and water.

Sanitation Protocols For Products


All furniture products are sanitized with appropriate cleaning agents to ensure that their surfaces are pathogen & debris free.

All furniture products are sanitized before and after packaging as an extra precaution.

Products like sofa, mattresses, or any other item with upholstery/fabric will be subjected to appropriate deep cleaning with a disinfectant solution.

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