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We’re a bunch of like-minded, fun people who are constantly on the lookout for ways to make lives of the average Indian easier. We’re also pro asset-light lifestyles and the benefits that they bring. Imagine how much of a difference they would be in this world if we simply recycled goods and not manufactured new ones over and over again? So much waste can be reduced!

Over the last decade or so, people’s lifestyle changes have been commendable. There’s a shift towards a more liberated and non-committal lifestyle. That is when we saw the potential held in the consumer durable renting space. The industry is fast growing and is expected to have more renters on board in the coming years. And that got us thinking, why not give people a platform to do that conveniently?

About the specifics - We’re a company that was founded by three brilliant alumni of IIT-KGP. We started out in 2015 and in a year, we raised first round of seed funding from Kalaari Capital and we’ve been powering on since then.

Our team

Who we are


Co-founder, CEO

IIT Kharagpur, Management consultant at Accenture, Sales at Capillary


Co-founder, CTO

IIT Kharagpur, 24/7 Labs, Co-founder

Our Investor

KSTART, Kalaari Capital's seed funding arm